Watching the events unfold at The Village, with Matt Chandler, gave me flashbacks to when I worked at a church that likewise welcomed back their Pastor…
One commenter recently did a self-own when he said the Bible "clearly states" and then he got it totally wrong.
As a kid I learned that "being good" would not only make my own life easier, but it brought stability to my otherwise unstable family.
After years of arguing, debating, and fighting back, I'm learning that maybe kindness is the only thing that gets results.
Part 7 in "WTF? (Why the Flood)": We often read the OT as though it's an actual and true reflection of who God is. But is that the best way to think…
I like feeling as though I'm the smartest person in the room. When I met Pastor Rob, I discovered how being a Pastor could make me feel it often.
This week's "Comments on Comments" responds to someone accusing me of eschewing the "Jesus of the Bible" for one of my own making.
"WTF? (Why the Flood)" Part 6: Ancient Flood Myths were used to teach about people's understanding of God. Genesis 6-9 suggests that God cares…
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