Every Purchase Supports LGBTQ Organizations

Buy an UnClobber Course and 10% of your purchase will go directly to two LGBTQ organizations I believe in.

The last month I’ve been thinking and writing about privilege.

Part I: What it is…

Part II: How we come to understand it

Part III: What we do with it if we’ve got it…

In that final stage, where we try our best to use/steward our privilege, one of the best ways we can do that is by elevating the work of those who have historically suffered as a result of not being in the privilege demographic. And then, even more so than elevating their work, we ought consider how we can directly support the people and their work as well.

It’s taken me a few weeks to get all the ducks in a row, but I can finally announce with great excitement that as of today, every single time an UnClobber Online Course is purchased, 10% of the sale will go directly to two organizations that are doing incredible work in the world, and whom I wholeheartedly support.


First up is Bemba Press. I came across Bemba several months ago when they ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for “The Deconstructionist Playbook: An Anthology.”

This thing is the bomb, yo.

Featuring over 100 devotionals that are explicit queer-affirming, anti-racist, pro-feminism, and encouraging interfaith inclusion.

From the back of the book,

“This devotional anthology is meant to guide you through a journey of faith deconstruction, reconstruction, and liberation. Our authors are concerned with naming and dismantling oppressive systems and beliefs—especially when it comes from within the Church.”

Written by over 60 different authors (most of whom come from historically under-represented backgrounds: LGBTQ, people of color, and otherwise not straight, white, Christian dudes), the Playbook features topics such as: The Paradoxical Necessity of Doubt; The Bible; Disability Theology; Purity & Sex; Liberation for Black, Brown, & Indigenous People; Capitalism, and more.

I love the mission of Bemba Press:

Bemba Press will focus on publishing the voices of a marginalized many instead of the philosophizing of a privileged few. [We are] committed to a diversity in text that echoes the evolving Christian world we find ourselves in today.

I’m excited for what they will create and the opportunities they’ll provide creators who come from more marginalized communities. And I’m proud to support their work.


The other group I’ll be sending UnClobber proceeds to is Beloved Arise, a

movement to fight for the lives of LGBTQ+ youth, particularly those who have been rejected by their faith communities.”

Beloved Arise, in addition to having an incredible Instagram account (seriously, go follow them), is an amazing group of diversely beautiful humans committed to celebrating and empowering queer youth of faith.

There are NOT enough groups doing this. So when I thought, “Who do I want to send money to? What makes sense in terms of the ministry of UnClobber?” I instantly thought of Beloved Arise.

They offer virtual weekly youth groups, counseling services, creative endeavors like books and podcasts and music, and so much more.

Honestly, I can’t think of a better recipient of anyone’s donations than Beloved Arise.

Get Your Course Today

So you know, in case you were dragging your feet a bit on getting one of my all new UnClobber Courses (Such as this one, on Genesis… or this one, on Romans… or heck, snag them all and save, with the UnClobber Suite!), maybe now that you know that a portion of your purchase will also be supporting these incredible groups you’ll drag your feet no more!

Check ‘em out today, and don’t forget to use promo code PRIDE21 to save 21% during the month of June!

Oh, and if you’re curious, yes, I will retroactively be applying 10% of all the previous purchase of an UnClobber Course to this endeavor. So fret not, if you already purchased a course (winner winner!), I will make sure that 10% of your money goes to Bemba and Beloved Arise.

How fun is this?!



This month, as you know, I’ve been hosting Pride celebration conversations on my weekly Live Show. It’s been one of the ways that I can use my platform—small though it may be—to lift up the incredible work being done by LGBTQ individuals.

I had a delightful time talking about the gifts of being transgender with Ashton Colby. If you’ve not had much exposure to transgender people, I can understand it might feel overwhelming and intimidating. Ashton is an amazing place to start, as he is super chill, overly gracious, and sees himself as being in that role of raising awareness about all things trans related.

Then I got to finally connect with Justin Lee, author of Torn and founder of the Gay Christian Network (now known as, Queer Christian Fellowship). He is as wise as they come when it has to do with tenderly helping gay christians find peace. I’m struck by just how dang smart he is, and loved getting to know him a bit.

And last week I was joined by the ineffable Coach Yeamah! I’ve gotten to chat with Coach a couple times now (here on The Kate & Colby Show, and then she was a guest speaker at our church, Sojourn Grace), and each time I am just left smiling because of her infectious insistence on the love and pleasure of God. I had so much fun hearing her talk about her first Pride, and learning from her experience as a black, bi-sexual woman.

Finally, today I’ll be joined by Julie Rodgers, author of the brand new book, Outlove: A Queer Christian Survival Story. Y’all, I’m obsessed with this book. It is at once both breaking my heart, and breaking it wide open. Julie’s story of growing up super conservative, knowing she was gay, coming out to her family (didn’t go well), sent to ex-gay therapy, getting swept up in the ex-gay movement, then changing her mind about it, then becoming a sort of middle-road chaplain at a Christian college because she was gay but also (at the time) was still on team “celibacy,” and then and then and then… I can’t give the whole book away, go buy your own.

Anyway, I’m stoked to be talking with her today. Join us live on Youtube or Facebook, or at least promise me you’ll come back and watch the replay later!