Today is LAUNCH Day! The UnClobber Online Courses are Here!

Introducing the all new UnClobber Online Courses. Taking theological liberation to the next level.


(hence the all-caps shouting).

For the last seven months I’ve logged about 200 hours building something that I hope will continue to expand the awareness that

the Bible does not justify discrimination against LGBTQ people!

Without further ado,

I’m stoked to introduce,

my all new,

UnClobber Online Courses!

These are in-depth, personal, and (dare I say?) fun ways to explore the clobber passages and discover that the church is wrong in its belief that LGBTQ people are inherently broken, damaged, and in need of altering.

Here’s a quick video explaining more.

The Backstory

After 28 years of a committed allegiance to the world of Evangelical doctrine, in 2010 I said, “see ya!”

But it’s not me… it’s you.

Specifically your anti-LGBTQ theology built upon tragic and toxic misunderstandings of the Bible.

As a result of my shift toward an open and affirming acceptance of LGBTQ people, the church I had served at for five years terminated me—providing the final nail in the coffin of my fitting-in with the world of evangelicalism.

Yet, as painful and challenging as that experience was, it set me on a path where I would eventually create UnClobber.

First as a lecture series, then as a best-selling book, and then, just a couple years ago, I distilled some of the best parts of my UnClobber research in to these wildly popular, free-to-download PDF Cheat Sheets.

And now, with my new Online Courses, I’m taking it to the next level.

Explore the Courses

What is an UnClobber Course?

These Courses are highly focused on just the Bible passages in question.

In them I provide personal, in-depth teaching to help us all be freed from continued misuse of these texts.

There are four UnClobber Mini-Courses, one for each of the clobber passages.

Each Course Includes

Each of the Mini-Courses features:

  • Over an hour of teaching, spread out through seven lessons filmed in High Definition with interactive/dynamic graphics

  • Custom UnClobber PDF workbook (complete with fill-in the blanks! yay!) designed to guide you through the course material

  • Downloadable audio files of each lesson, so you can listen on the go

The UnClobber Suite

Want access to all four Mini-Courses?

Check out the UnClobber Suite, where you get all four of my Mini-Courses AND you save over 20% by bundling them together (“bundling?” what am I, a cable company?)

PLUS, when you get the Suite, you get access to my Mini-Course on Eunuchs, available only within the Suite.

So, to recap, the UnClobber suite includes:

  • Over four hours of teaching (both in video and/or audio format)

  • 30 video lessons

  • 40 page PDF Workbook

  • Access to the Eunuch Mini-Course

Who are these Courses for?

For far too long the church has (mis)used the Bible to justify their discriminatory beliefs and practices against those who identify LGBTQ.

I grew up in the conservative church learning (and then reciting) the traditional answers regarding the “sinfulness of homosexuality” and the “wrongness of same-sex relationships.”

Then I actually studied what the Bible does and does not say,

and it changed everything.

If you, too, are looking for theological liberation in this area because maybe

  • You identify as LGBTQ and you need to hear that neither the Bible nor God condemns you, or

  • You have loved ones who are LGBTQ and you need to revisit what you’ve heard the Bible says about it, or

  • You want to be a better informed ally in this space, or

  • You attend or lead a church that is in the process of discerning LGBTQ affirmation

Then these courses are perfect for you.

Learn more about the UnClobber Courses

The UnClobber Scholarship Program

One of my fundamental commitments is that money should not be a barrier to wholeness via theological liberation.

Over the past decade of doing this UnClobber ministry I’ve seen first hand how so many of the people who need this material most are those who are in situations where they may not have access to the resources they need.

Therefore, as I built these courses I knew that I had to make sure there was a way for people to get these courses for free if they needed them but could not (for whatever the reasons) afford them.

So I created the UnClobber Scholarship Program.

It’s simple. If you need or want these courses, but you don’t have the resources right now for it, I’ll give it to you free of charge.

No questions asked.

Learn about the Scholarship Program

Also, within the Scholarship Program is the option to become an UnClobber Scholarship Sponsor. As a Sponsor, you help to provide these courses for free for those who need them.

There are three levels of being a Sponsor, and you can find out more about that here.

If you’ve already been UnClobber’d and don’t particularly need these courses, or, maybe you really believe in this work and want to ensure that anyone can get it who needs it, I invite you to become a Scholarship Sponsor today.

Become a Sponsor

Happy Pride!

June is Pride month, so not only is it a perfect time to launch these courses, but I want to give you a promo code to save 21% off any mini-course or the Suite.

Just enter PRIDE21 at checkout. 🌈 💃🏻 💜 🎊

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