Memoir Mondays

Personal stories, reflections, and lessons learned and learning.

Eleven years ago I was fired by my church for believing that being gay is not a sin. I went back to that church the other day to see what I'd feel in my…
In High School my plan was to study Graphic Design in New York. But one invitation from a Youth Pastor changed the course of my life forever.
Watching the events unfold at The Village, with Matt Chandler, gave me flashbacks to when I worked at a church that likewise welcomed back their Pastor…
As a kid I learned that "being good" would not only make my own life easier, but it brought stability to my otherwise unstable family.
I like feeling as though I'm the smartest person in the room. When I met Pastor Rob, I discovered how being a Pastor could make me feel it often.
My first impressions of who and what a Pastor is revolved around how Pastor John handled the breaking apart of my family.
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