I remember when God used a jackass to accomplish His purposes, you need get real. God uses flawed men, David, Elijah, Abraham... the only one I have found who was without guile was Daniel. Soooo maybe I'm misunderstanding you, but are you, Colby Martin, saying we should vote for the party of death? The darkness that shrouds Joe Biden is palatable!! Killing babies makes democrats happy! Yes, I held my nose when I voted for brash, immature, flawed Donald Trump, but he has grown up into the job. He has changed. Is he still a New York brash, business man? Is he still full of flaws...? Has his history changed? Yes, Yes, and resounding no! But he is without flaws, sins, bad history, go ahead let stones fly!! God choose this man, take your complaints up with Him, Tell Him you want a lily white, "religious" man to go into battle with the demons of darkness. Tell God He is quite mistaken. YOU know better.

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