It's finally time I share something with you all...
While we have different reasons for our convictions, I am happy to report that I actually agree with evangelical megachurch pastor and author, J.D…
I'm Agreeing With Piper? This is 2020, Y'all.
The official overturning of Roe v Wade has got me feeling so, so sad for everyone today. Well, almost everyone.
Eleven years ago I was fired by my church for believing that being gay is not a sin. I went back to that church the other day to see what I'd feel in my…
Watching the events unfold at The Village, with Matt Chandler, gave me flashbacks to when I worked at a church that likewise welcomed back their Pastor…
Many Christians smuggle in their judgmental doctrines by making the claim that the Cross, the Bible, and the Gospel are intended to be offensive. What a…
The Authority of the Bible, Part I: What it is and why.
A rather biblical argument for how God prefers DIVERSITY and DIFFERENCE over CONFORMITY and SAMENESS.
You believe something because that is the interpretation you have chosen, or were given, or both.
Should Christians who affirm LGBTQ people stay in their church, even though it's not open and affirming?
This week's "Comments on Comments" responds to someone accusing me of eschewing the "Jesus of the Bible" for one of my own making.