Jesus invited his followers to love their enemies and bless those who curse them. Easier said than done. But here's a process that has helped me find a…
Announcing nine more stops on The Re-SHIFT Tour. Is one of them near you?
Many Christians smuggle in their judgmental doctrines by making the claim that the Cross, the Bible, and the Gospel are intended to be offensive. What a…
While we have different reasons for our convictions, I am happy to report that I actually agree with evangelical megachurch pastor and author, J.D…

February 2023

It's finally time I share something with you all...
Eleven years ago I was fired by my church for believing that being gay is not a sin. I went back to that church the other day to see what I'd feel in my…

December 2022

How one poorly constructed sentence caused a ripple of misunderstanding and accusations.
We're about halfway through this series, "WTF (Why the Flood?)". So I thought we'd do a quick summary of where we've travelled so far in terms of a…
In High School my plan was to study Graphic Design in New York. But one invitation from a Youth Pastor changed the course of my life forever.
With still a huge need for resources that families can use to show kids a more holistic and open view of God, "Dear Mama God" comes at the perfect time.
Watching the events unfold at The Village, with Matt Chandler, gave me flashbacks to when I worked at a church that likewise welcomed back their Pastor…
One commenter recently did a self-own when he said the Bible "clearly states" and then he got it totally wrong.